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Visiting websites, web and mobile, Alinari IDEA (below "Alinari") with the browser set to accept cookies and continue browsing closing the banner with the "short" information, scrolling the page or click any element thereof) consent to the cookie as described in this Cookie Policy and in the information privacy of specific sites where Alinari owns, in particular on the date of publication of this notice: the corporate website of the company,, the e-commerce site, the site, the educational sites,, the "mini-sites", specified later and the site MNAF - Alinari Foundation.

This Cookie Policy, made by Alinari as responsible, is intended to illustrate the types and purposes of cookies used by Alinari and allow you to express your preferences about the use of cookies.



Alinari sites use cookies or markers, which technically are packets of information sent by a web server to the Internet browser of the visitor / user and it automatically stored on the device (personal computer, tablet, phone, etc.) And sent automatically the server at each subsequent site access. Cookies can be used only by the web server that issued it (or any third party with which it was originally shared); This means, for example, that the cookies created by Alinari cannot be read from servers maintained by third parties.

Through this Cookie Policy can express their preferences about the various types of cookies and modify them at a later time. These preferences will be recorded in a special "cookie technical consensus" on the browser with which you have chosen this time, which will be updated based on any changes to the preferences that I wanted to express in time. If I had access to the sites of Alinari with a different browser, or other device, it will be proposed again the banner for the manifestation of consent and it will generate an additional cookie technician. If, after expressing your preferences, you decide later to delete all cookies, it is also deleted the cookie technical and therefore you will be offered again to express consent regarding the installation of cookies profiling.

Some cookies are necessary for the proper provision of the website or useful for its personalized fruition; in this case, their inhibition could compromise some functionality of the site.

By default most web browsers are set to automatically accept cookies. Visitors / users can still change the default configuration, as best illustrated below in this same policy.

For more information about data processor of your personal data, methods of treatment, categories of Officers and Trustees, exercise of rights under Art. 7 of the Privacy or further processing to data reported at registration services Alinari, please review our Privacy Policy of the individual site or the privacy policies specific to the services provided by Alinari through their sites or send an email to

A) Types of Cookies

Persistent cookies: These cookies remain stored until they expire, on the device of the user / visitor. They are used to facilitate navigation within the site and its correct use, to facilitate access to services that require authentication (avoiding users having to re-enter authentication credentials for each access to services), to For statistical purposes, to know which areas of the site have been visited, as well as, in some cases, for optimal management of the pages or to deliver content in line with the choices made by surfers.

Session Cookies: These cookies are not stored permanently on the user's device / visitor and disappear when the browser is closed. They are used in order to transmit the session identifiers required to enable a safe and efficient site. Session cookies used on sites Alinari avoid the use of other technologies that could compromise the privacy of the users / visitors and are also used to improve service delivery.

First-party cookies: they can be either persistent both session; They are managed directly by the owner and / or manager of the site and are used, for example, to ensure the technical operation ("cookies") held or keep track of the preferences expressed on the use of the site (for example to display weather forecasts related to your city).

Third-party cookies, they too can be either persistent both session; They are generated and managed by foreign managers to the site visited by the user and are used, for example, to know the number of pages viewed within the site (the so-called "statistical cookie" or "cookies analytics"), or to publish content or advertising on the site you are visiting.

B) Main purposes of cookies

Technical cookies: cookies are necessary to allow navigation of the site and the use of certain products and services. They are used, for example, to recognize that the user has logged in to the propia inbox and keep open the session even when visiting other pages, or to ensure some security measures of the site and monitor their operation.

Cookie statistical or "analytics": these cookies are used to track the performance of the site, for example to know the number of pages visited or the number of users who viewed a particular section. The analysis of these cookies generates statistics anonymous and aggregated without regard to the identity of the users of the site. They are also useful for consideration of possible amendments and improvements to the site.

Cookies to store preferences: Cookies are useful to promote the proper use of the Site and to create a navigation experience adhering to the expectations expressed. They are used, for example, to keep track of the chosen language.

Advertising cookies These cookies are aimed at paying advertising space. These cookies are installed, directly from Alinari or by third parties. Some of them are used to calculate the value of the advertising, identify individual advertisements and know which have been selected and when. Other advertising cookies, such as Cookie and behavioral retargeting cookies are used to infer a "profile" of browser and later propose advertisements conform to your online behavior (also externally to the sites of Alinari) and presumably in line with your interests. This "profile" is anonymous and the information collected by these cookies do not allow to trace your identity. Alinari releases advertising cookies on some sites of partners with whom it has entered into appropriate trade agreements.

Cookies Social Network: These are the cookies that you can share with other users the contents of the site you are visiting or to express your opinion about. Cookies are typically used to activate the "Like" or "Follow" of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, to name a few. These features allow the Social Network to identify its users and gather information even while surfing on other sites. Alinari you should refer to the privacy policy of each of the Social Network you used to know the purposes and methods of processing of personal data carried out by them.

C) Managing Cookies First Part

Below you can find out which categories of cookies are managed directly from Alinari on their sites, give or withhold consent, change it a second time.

You can choose to accept all cookies with a single click the "Accept All" below, or express your consent selectively for each site and for each type.


Cookie activities aimed strictly necessary for the functioning of the site

Cookie "technical" strictly necessary to:

- Allow user navigation on the portal and abilitarne some functionality

- Maintain stable levels of performance of the portal (eg. load balancing cookie).

- Allow users to access the services from authenticated (eg. authentication cookies)

- That allow the user browsing the function of a number of selected criteria in order to improve the customer experience and store choices, such as language or favorite city, activation / deactivation of filters on adult content.


Alinari Archives

PHPSESSID: cookie for the session

ckAuthSave: for authentication






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eduAuth: for authentication



MNAF – Alinari Foundation





The sites installed on this server are:

- Minisite Alps -

- Mini-site Photography and Tourism -

- Mini-site Italian streets -

- Mini-site for project germany -

- Mini-site Photography and Commerce -

- Mini-site Photography and Renaissance -

- Mini-site Photography and Literature -

- Minisite Greece and Rome -

- Mini-site History for Images -

- Mini-site of the Veneto -

- Minisite Alice Telecom -


PHPSESSID: cookie for the session

eduAuth: for authentication


Cookie activities aimed editorial and advertising run by Alinari


These cookies are used to show information and targeted advertising based on users' interests (anonymous) raised by the navigation, from the data provided at registration such as, for example, gender and age, the town declared by the settings of the site or derived from 'IP address. These cookies do not contain any information related to your personal identity. ALINARI NOT USE THIS KIND  OF COOKIES.

D) Management of third party cookies

The sites do not use cookies Alinari anonymous third party in order to display advertisements in dynamic mode and advanced or advertisements based on navigation choices made by users on other sites unrelated to Alinari.

Alinari sites using third-party cookies also to mere statistical purposes, or, for example, to know the number of page views and the number of unique users.

Moreover, the sites of Alinari involve the use of cookies the most popular Social Network.

You can read the Privacy Policy and express your preferences about cookies of third parties with whom it has agreements Alinari, by connecting directly to their websites, listed below.

Some cookies are installed on the site of the owner or manager independently of direct agreements with third parties (for example, through other sites that manage the sale of advertising space); for easy management of third-party cookies we suggest you refer to the site of Your Online Choices. This site allows, in fact, to find out what cookies are enabled on your computer, indicating the name of the company that produces them and / or operates. Many companies that create cookies on other sites, offer the possibility to disable and / or terminate in simple and immediate way only their own cookies, even when they are anonymous or do not involve the registration of personal identification information, in compliance with the prescribed by Network Advertising Initiative.







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To disable third-party cookies linked to this site.


E) How to manage cookies through browser

E 'can remove existing cookies and block the installation of new cookies also through your browser settings.

If users /visitors want to decide each time whether to accept cookies, you can also configure your browser to generate a warning whenever a cookie is saved.

The most popular browsers provide the ability to block only third-party cookies, accepting only those specific to the site.

The procedure for handling cookies is different for each browser. Below instructions for the most popular browsers.


Google Chrome

To know how to manage cookies through the settings of this browser:


To know how to turn on the incognito mode:

To find out how to delete cookies, block them possibly selectively, to receive alerts on your cookie settings: https: // Hl = en


Internet Explorer

To know how to manage cookies, delete them, block them, select them using the settings of this browser: -7



To know how to manage cookies through the settings of this browser:

To know how to manage privacy settings panel and inhibit tracking your online activities:

To learn how to enable and disable cookies:

To find out how to delete cookies:

To know how to block cookies:

How to deactivate the only third-party cookies:



To know how to manage cookies through the settings of this browser:


To know how to manage cookies through the settings of this browser:

F) Changes to the privacy policy

This Cookie Policy may change over time - also related to the entry into force of new regulations for the sector, updating or provision of new services or technological innovations - for which we invite you to periodically visit this page.

Last Update: June 1st., 2015