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  1. Service offered

The web site http://shop.alinari.it is devoted to all those who intend to consult, free of charge, the digital Alinari catalogue and purchase its products.

 This site is intended for ecommerce.

 Access to this site allows users to contact online Alinari staff for personalized and in-depth searches in the Alinari archive.


  1. Copyright: the web site

The web site http://shop.alinari.it is owned by F.lli Alinari I.D.E.A. SPA, with headquarters in Florence, Largo Alinari, 15. PI 00430850487.

All contents are available and in accordance with existing laws in Italy.

 Access to the web site, in these terms, is open to all, upon acceptance of the following terms and conditions:

 Web site property

Contents (images, texts, music, etc.), layout, and, more in general, the configuration of the current site, along with any software and data base contained within, are exclusively owned by F.lli Alinari I.D.E.A. SPA or respective authors (when mentioned), all protected by Italian law.

 It is strictly forbidden to reproduce, totally or partially, by any analogic or digital means, the contents, layout, configuration, software, and database found in this site, without prior written authorization on the part of F.lli Alinari I.D.E.A. SPA.

 Users who wish to quote this site for studies, research, critiques, reviews, etc. concerning part of the contents found in this site must obtain authorization by F.lli Alinari I.D.E.A. SPA.


Distinguishing signs and brands

All brands contained in this site are the exclusive property of their owners.

 Alinari is a registered brand.

 It is absolutely forbidden to use the Alinari brand as a meta-tag (key word) on web sites.



Anyone who aims to create links (links and deep-links) to our web site must have written authorization from F.lli Alinari SPA, who will always and in any event have the irrefutable right to require at any time the removal and/or modification of these links from their web site. F.lli Alinari SPA guarantees that all links towards outer sites managed by third parties present on its own site have been authorized by their respective owners or, in any event, without any explicit denial/refusal. It is understood that F.lli Alinari SPA cannot be held responsible for the proper functioning of links to outer sites as well as the contents of these sites.



F.lli Alinari SPA cannot be held responsible in any way for any damage or direct/indirect prejudice that may arise for users during consultation of the web site or for any malfunction, interruption, error in transmission or connection.


User obligations

After accepting all points mentioned earlier, by entering the web site users are obliged not to use the site itself to violate in any way or form the rights of F.lli Alinari SPA or third parties. In particular, users are obliged to not use the site to send, place, or in any event spread harmful contents that are against the law or public authority, order, and good manners. It is also forbidden to use the site so as to interrupt, damage, or make any part or the entire site less efficient.


Final Rules

In the event the access terms and conditions have been violated, users will be punished according to the law. F.lli Alinari SPA claims the right to act on its own behalf for compensation regarding any damage.

F.lli Alinari SPA claims the right to modify, suspend, or erase, freely and without any prior notice and at their own exclusive discrimination, the terms, contents, and conditions of access to this site.


3. Privacy

Personal information about users acquired by F.lli Alinari SPA through this site will be handled in full respect of Italian and European laws, and in particular according to D.Lgs. 196/2003 (Safeguarding people and other subjects with respect to handling personal info). The cookies activated in this site will be used by the owner exclusively to enhance connection to this site or to any part of it.


4. Conclusions

All communication and requests for authorization mentioned above must reach by registered post the following address: F.lli Alinari S.p.A., Largo Alinari 15, 50123 FLORENCE, or by e-mail at: infoshop@alinari.it

If the user does not intend to accept, wholly or in part, these present terms, he/she must stop consulting the site. By accessing the site or consulting and using images contained in the digital Archive, the user accepts all terms and conditions set forth herein and established by Italian law and existing international conventions and treaties on this matter. Any controversy concerning the execution of service and/or the interpretation of these pages will be handled by the Court in Florence.